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Posted on 05 November 2017

Last updated 15 October 2017

International Drikung Kagyu Council
Honoured to organise the 800th Commemoration of Lord Jigten Sumong's Maha Parinirvana.

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Thus it was mentioned in the Sutra of “Complete Increasing Wisdom”: “In the northern snowy mountain range, a great being will appear by the name of Ratnashri. This supreme man will be renowned in the world. He will greatly serve my teaching.”Also in many other sutras and tantras the Buddha  prophesied about the vast activities of this being, the Lord Jigten Sumgon.  A multitude of Indian, Tibetan scholars and siddhas praised him as a supreme being.

The completely enlightened lord, the great Drikungpa, the incomparable protector, Jigten Sumgon was the leader of 180,000 followers in a single assembly. Having collected the counting sticks of 100,000 monastics in a single summer retreat at one time, he became the second Teacher, the great regent of the Lord Buddha. A great number of his disciples and followers spread throughout all corners in remote caves and hermitages engaging in retreats in Tibet. During that time in Tibet, the glorious Drikung Kagyu lineage spread most widely and was the school that flourished the most. Thus it was mentioned in the history of Tibetan Buddhism, also called “A Scholar’s Feast”: “All the mountains belong to Drikungpa mountain dwellers; all the flatlands belong to Drikungpa flatland dwellers.” This saying was known and heard by everybody.  

His teaching was also known as a Great Chariot.  Even though he was never separated from his truth body or Dharmakaya, which is unchanging, unwavering, and eternal, his form body manifested into the ocean of three faiths to perform activities from the East to the West.  His unimaginable manifestations will continuously manifest until the entirety of cyclic existence becomes empty.  One of his  many activities for the benefit of disciples, who cling to permanence, was the dissolution of his form body into Dharmadhatu.

This year we will commemorate the 800th years since Lord Jigten Sumgon entered parinirvana and 2560 years since Lord Buddha’s parinirvana.  This commemoration is important to the followers in order to establish firm inspiration and strengthen faith in following the steps on the path of liberation.  The main anniversary commemoration of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s body, speech, mind, qualities and activities will take place at Drikung Kagyu Jangchubling in Dehradun, India on 19th October 2017 which is the 30th day of the 8th month according to the Tibetan lunar calendar.

We heartily invite every Sangha members to celebrate this great event!


In order to commemorate the inexhaustible BODY and create the foundation for the accumulation of merit, Jigten Sumgon statues of gilded copper will be made to contribute to various Drikung monasteries and centers all over the world.


In order to commemorate the inexhaustible SPEECH a complete collection of Jigten Sumgon’s works including outer, inner, and secret teachings will be published and given freely to any person or organization who requests a copy, along with the unbroken and correct oral transmission.


In order to commemorate inexhaustible MIND and to cultivate and improve the Sangha’s number and quality, a complete education policy and plan for creating the necessary conditions for the Sangha to flourish will be developed.


In order to commemorate inexhaustible QUALITIES, dharma practitioners from all over Tibet, Nepal, and Ladakh, as well as from Jangchubling are invited to attend a seminary on the topic of the Fivefold Path of Mahamudra and Six Yogas of Naropa.  Additionally, Khenpos and Lobpons from all Dagpo Kagyu colleges are invited to a seminary on the GongChig.


In order to commemorate inexhaustible ACTIVITIES, a history of various Drikung Kagyu monasteries, retreat centers, colleges, centers, and holy lands will be published. To promote dharma activity around the world, food and medicine will be collected and given freely to the sick and hungry. In order to commemorate the foundation of the Lord Buddha’s Teaching that is founded on a pure moral ethic, all monasteries of the Lord Drikungpa will sponsor a summer retreat for all monks and nuns during this 800th anniversary commemoration. Those that do not as yet have summer retreat programs will be able to begin this tradition.

Download the complete official 800th Commemoration brochure